We believe in In role the great technological revolution that the world is now experiencing and that is affecting people's lives. Technocere was established to empower people in their lives and increase the quality of care among individuals by using technology


 Empower the target segments we serve and increase the quality of care among family members. 


 provide reliable, care products and services to families and loved ones. 


 1. Increase the self-reliance of the individual and the ability to perform daily tasks easily, increasing self-confidence. 

2. Decrease the time and effort of care provided by the patient's family, making it easier for them to live their daily lives. 

3. Increase awareness among individuals in the field of health through awareness campaigns about the targeted cases, the problems they suffer and the available treatment methods. 

 Company Profile

 It is our responsibility to assist people with health conditions that prevent them from living a normal life, as well as providing support and assistance to their families by providing many ways of easy technology care, saving time and effort for family care.Technocare aims to use modern technology such as phone applications and wearable device (such as smart watches and bracelets) in care, aiming to become the leader in this area in the region.