How To


How to use ECare

1. How it works?

1. How it works?

ECare is an integrated system that helps the elders and caregivers to live a better and easier life by empowering the elders and giving them the ability to do outdoor activities without worry. 


Using ECare Watch you can do the following:

1- Go Back Home using the map in the watch

2- Direct call your primary caregiver

3- Appointments and daily tasks reminder


Using ECare App you can do the following:

1- Add all elders' data

2 - Track elders location

3- Monitor watch status

4- Direct call elders' watch


The system is now available in Arabic and English Languages

Elders can get notifiesd and check watch status through the watch


2. Registration

2. Registration


1. Go to

 2. Click/Tap on the user icon on the tap of the page


3. "Create Account"


4. Fill All the required info

5. "Create"


3. Order/Buy ECare Smart Watch


3. Order/Buy ECare Smart Watch

Note: To buy ECare Smart Watch, you must create an account on our website and log in (you can also register or log in on the payment page) 

1. First, go to ECare page in the navigation bar or any Buy button

2. Check ECare details and read all the information about it

3- Add the required quantity and click "Add to Cart" 


Make sure that all the details in this step and the following steps are correct and accurate 

4. Click on the 'Pay' button

5. Now we will go through multiple pages for delivery and payment details,

Please fill all the feilds correctly so that we can provide the best service for you 


6. Remember, delivery in Kuwait will be free :) Our customers deserve the best 


7. Now choose your billing address preference and click the 'Complete Order' button 


8. The payment gateway will be redirected. Select "KNET" as the payment method and fill in all necessary details for departure 

9. You will receive an order confirmation and ECare Smart Watch will be delivered to you within two or three business days


4. ECare App (Caregiver App)

4. ECare App (Caregiver App)

1. Download ECare phone app 

Click on the icons to redirect you to the download


2- Open the application and log in using the same information that you registered for the site


5. ECare User Guide