ECare Smart WatchECare Smart Watch
ECare Smart WatchECare Smart WatchECare Smart WatchECare Smart Watch

95.000 KD

ECare provides daily support and care

  • Easy to Use ( everything  in one tap only )

  • No need to connect to phone or WIFI

  • Direct call from and to the smart watch

  • Audible menu

  • Easy to remember

  • Available in Arabic & English

  • ECare Watch
  • ECare APP
  •  Technical SPECIFICATIONS التقنية
  • Warranty

ECare Watch

It is a smart watch designed specifically for elders to enable them to rely on themselves and facilitate their lives through new and innovative ideas and technologies.

Go Back Home



Safe Area Alerts


Direct Calls




One Tap



Go Back Home

The Elder can return home through maps and the GPS system directly

Direct Call

Elder can call his caregiver with one tap only


Reminders will be sent to the elder for all the important appointments 

Safe Area

When the elder exits the safe area a notification will be sent to Elder and the Caregiver

Audible Menu

Audible menu for people with eyesight issues

All in one tap only

The elder will not enter any information, as all the information he needs to use ECare Watch will be entered by the caregiver through the ECare App


Ecare App

Through تطبيق ECare, relatives can get peace of mind knowing that they can find out where the Elders are and follow up their daily status at any time.

Track Elder Location

Watch Status


Direct Call


Safe Area


Manage Data


Multi Caregivers & Multi Elders



Add Safe Area

Using the maps, the safe area is selected and an alert appears when the Elder exits this area

Track Elder Location

Caregiver can Track elder's location any time

Direct Call

You can call ECare Watch directly to make sure the Elder is ok

Add Multiple Elders

Caregiver can add more that one elder

Check Watch Status

Battery and WIFI

Manage Data

Elder profile, home address, safety area, daily Reminders


Technical specifications 








Touch screen with 2.2 "size, very clear even in outdoor places, let you check the data at any time

شاشة عرض كبيرة ، ذاكرة كبيرة ، استدعاء بطاقة مستقلة (دعم يونيكوم 3G ، 2G المحمول) ، نظام تحديد المواقع ، تنزيل التطبيق ، المتصفح ، الموسيقى ، اختبار معدل ضربات القلب ، عداد الخطوة ، والعثور على الهاتف المحمول ، والتقاط الصور ، مكالمة بلوتوث

سهل الحمل ، يناسب بشكل مثالي الجيوب أو الحقيبة أو حقيبة الحمل


يوفر حزامها الناعم من الجلد تجربة مريحه عند الإرتداء


At TechnoCare, we believe that online stores should provide comfort and confidence just as buying from exhibitions and stores. So we always strive to offer the best products and after-sales service.

All our products are original products that comply with specifications and standards.All products come with a one-year warranty unless the customer increases the warranty period for a set fee.


Terms and Conditions

Warranty covers:

  • Automatically update software and switch product when manufacturers are faulty

  • Hand and spare parts fees in case of industrial faults of products in general

  • Wages of technicians in case of malfunction due to misuse

  • Any work performed outside the warranty period is guaranteed for only one month after it is returned to the customer for the repaired defect

Warranty does not include:

  • Faults due to excessive consumption of the product

  • Malfunctions due to negligence by the customer either by improper use, storage incompatible with the manufacturer's recommendations or due to natural disasters

  • Malfunctions due to non-compliance with the instructions of use in the user manual or the instructions published by the manufacturer on the Internet

  • Failures due to the use of parts accessories from other companies incompatible or low quality

  • Failures due to falls, vibration, product exposure to dust and dirt, dirt or rust due to excessive moisture exposure

  • Failures due to falls, vibration, product exposure to dust and dirt, dirt or rust due to excessive moisture exposure

  • Failures due to product maintenance in maintenance centers are not approved by us


General Terms:

  • Warranty starts from the date of purchase invoice

  • All maintenance can only be done with the direct approval of the customer

  • The customer should charge the shipping fees to and from him. Unless the holidays are manufacturers, we will bear the cost of returning the product to the customer. This condition applies only to customers inside Kuwait

  • The purchase invoice is not required, but keeping its number is useful. That's where the warranty is on the serial number of the invoice

  • The product is replaced with the same product if the service center is unable to repair it, but if the product is not available due to the old model or the product is not available in stores, a similar product will be compensated with the same value and the customer's choice